Medical Insurance

What are the Benefits of Medical Insurance?

Coined from the term “gap,” which means “difference,” what Medical basically does is to fill in the difference that is partially or not covered by a Medicare insurance policy.

While the benefits of a Medical insurance depends on the plan availed, there are basic ones that are present in most insurance plans (Plans A through J) and they are as follows:

1.       In terms of medical costs, most Medical policies cover the Medicare Part B coinsurance (excluding the Part B annual deductible) or copayments for outpatient services of the hospital. Generally, the Part B coinsurance is 20 per cent of the service amount approved by Medicare.

2.       Now, in terms of in-patient hospital service, Medical is able to cover the coinsurance of Medicare Part A (but this excludes Part A’s annual deductible) plus an additional 365-day coverage after Medicare coverage expires.

3.       Lastly, Medical covers three pints of blood that you need each year. This is especially useful when there is serious illness that would require blood transfusion or undergo medical surgery.

As for the services that are not covered by Medicare but covered by Medigap, the following benefits can be enjoyed depending on the plan type availed:

  1. For plans C to L, Medical covers skilled nursing facility insurance

  1. For plans B-L, Hospital annual deductible
  2. For plans C-J, Emergency service during foreign travel
  3. Excess doctor charges not covered by Medicare Part B are covered by plans F, G, I and J

  1. Part B annual deductible, for plans C, F and J
  2. Plans D, G, I and J covers home recovery care
  3. Plans E and J covers preventive care, which is not covered by Medicare

At this point, choosing the right Medical insurance may pose as a challenge, but one rule of thumb that may be applied is to have your health assessed by a professional.

If the results show minimal problems to unproblematic health, then availing a small amount of medigap health insurance plan would suffice in filling up the gaps of what is not covered in your Medicare insurance.  But if you have been diagnosed of ill health that may need constant medical attention, it would be better to avail of higher levels of Medical insurance coverage.

To date, insurance plans of Medical are being sold mostly by private companies.

Considering that the plans are strict and set up by the government, companies that sell them cannot just make any changes in these plans. These companies merely act as a mediator in selling these policies to average-to-low income families.

In general, Medical insurance is being used by most people as a supplement to their Medicare insurance policies.

While Medical is mainly considered a “gap filler,” it should be noted that

Medical Insurance is provided by private companies to “fill the gaps” That normal Medicare coverage usually doesn’t cover in the full amount. Insurance Companies are allowed to sell you a “standardized” policy. Most of these policies by nature can be used to compare the actual benefits specifically.

This allow you to fully understand what specific coverage you will get and offer you a comparison. Medical insurance will not cover your spouses medical heath care costs as for these are only specific to your needs and coverage based on the Medicare coverage that you currently have and the necessary medicare supplemental insurance that is needed. Unfortunately not every insurance covers senior at home care, but you can contact the managers for more information.

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